May 17, 2021

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Some people wake up early in the morning and feel stiffness and muscle rigidity in their fingers, and even cannot clench their fists, which is slowly relieved after a period of activity. This kind of condition is called morning stiffness.

What does morning stiffness mean?

Morning stiffness is the main manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis typicality, which refers to the long time muscle stiffness that occurs in the morning after waking up the diseased joint in place, both hands muscle stiffness, clenching the fist difficult, such as the feeling of sticky glue, in addition to the coldness of the extremities, numbness and other conditions, can be slowly relieved after moderate thematic activities.

The delayed time of morning stiffness should be calculated from the time the patient stays awake and gradually moves around to the time when the patient's morning stiffness is significantly relieved, which is usually measured in minutes.

How does morning stiffness occur?


Morning stiffness occurs due to the accumulation of puffy fluid in the inflammatory mechanism when the quality of sleep or fitness exercise decreases, which causes swelling in the peripheral mechanism of the joint. After the patient's thematic activity, the puffy fluid is digested and absorbed by the lymphatic vessels and small veins along with the closing of the whole body muscles, and the morning stiffness is reduced. As a result, joint stiffness can also occur during the day, which is actually the same as morning stiffness, as long as the subject activity of the involved joint is reduced or remains in the same place for a long time.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis have the main manifestation of morning stiffness in the acute symptomatic or active phase of the disease, and the delay is positively correlated with the more severe level of synovitis in the knee.

As the rheumatoid arthritis disease decreases, the delayed duration of morning stiffness decreases and the level subsides, therefore, morning stiffness is a very good projection of the more severe level of inflammation throughout the body. Therefore, the improvement of morning stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis patients is also the basis for the evaluation of the patient's condition by a technically specialized rheumatologist.

How to relieve morning stiffness?

For patients who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, morning stiffness of the joint muscles for more than thirty minutes is considered as morning stiffness. It should be actively treated to manipulate the inflammation and improve the condition, thus reducing joint destruction.


The key to the subacute active phase is dominated by standardized drug therapy, and it is advisable to rest the involved joints, maintain the basic function of each joint, and try to avoid long-term excessive flexion of each joint in order to reduce pain and prevent deformity.

2. Patients in the remission phase are in passive or some smaller amplitude active joint physical training as the main focus, each joint each doing external rotation, internal retraction, flexion, internal rotation, external rotation, such as finger exercises.

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