August 17, 2021

Disgusting stretch marks! What s...

pregnancy is a sweet and painful process. When you conceive in October, what is gratifying is that the baby grows up all over the world day by day, but the end is that a series of changes that appear on the body but have to endure, pregnancy patterns are one of them. What kind of pregnant mother is prone to have stretch marks? Can stretch marks be prevented? In 收陰機價錢 to these questions, Zheng Xiaoli, a resident of obstetrics at Shunyi Women's Hospital of Beijing Children's Hospital, will show you some common sense about pretty killers during pregnancy.

. The secondary is 收陰機價錢 on the abdomen, buttocks, chest, back, and limbs are also visible. During pregnancy, the secretion of glucocorticoids increases, and the decomposition of elastin fibrin in the skin increases, which reduces the elasticity; as the uterus increases, the tension of the abdominal wall skin of pregnant women increases. When the capacity of the skin is exceeded, the elastic fibers of the skin break; in addition, The thickening and expansion of the walls of small blood vessels in the skin are also related to the production of stretch marks. However, it should be noted that not all pregnant women will develop stretch marks, so there are other mechanisms that may cause stretch marks.

So what kind of pregnant mother is prone to stretch marks? Zheng Xiaoli pointed out the following high-risk factors. First, genetic factors. If a mother has stretch marks when she is pregnant, then her daughter is very likely to have stretch marks when she is pregnant, but this is not absolute, because stretch marks are also related to her own skin repair ability. Second, the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast. As mentioned earlier, stretch marks are 去妊娠紋療程 a sign of swelling. When excessive nourishment during pregnancy and rapid accumulation of fat in the body, the stomach will be blown to the elastic limit like a balloon, so that the elastic fibers of the skin will be broken, and stretch marks will naturally appear.

Can stretch marks be prevented? Unfortunately, due to the irresistible factor of inheritance, it cannot be completely prevented, but we can make efforts in other areas to make it grow slower and less.

The first thing to do is to control the pre-pregnancy weight and the rate of weight gain during pregnancy. In layman's terms, the occurrence of stretch marks is that the skin is "supported". If you don't want to do this, the best way is to control the rate of weight growth and avoid sudden fat increase. This can reduce the possibility of stretch marks to a certain extent. pay attention to the key point of growth rate. In addition, controlling weight before pregnancy and avoiding overweight can also play a certain role in preventing stretch marks. pregnant mothers with different body mass indexes also have different weight gains during pregnancy.

Second, use preventive topical drugs. At present, the effective topical drug is the stretch thread cream, which should be used before the stretch thread occurs, but this does not mean that the anti-stretch thread cream can completely prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. In addition, what a pregnant mother needs to do is to drink plenty of water for the skin, especially the abdomen, pay attention to moisturizing, increase the elasticity of the skin, as much as possible to hold the pace of pregnancy wrinkles.

Don't worry about what to do with stretch marks, because as time goes by, stretch marks will gradually turn white or silver, and they will not look so conspicuous; secondly, proper postpartum exercises can restore the elasticity of the abdominal skin to a certain extent , Restore your devil figure (many people can still wear bikinis); finally, there are many dermatologists working hard and exploring for the beauty of pregnant mothers.

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